Border Adventure


WEBSITE HEADERThose of you who know me will know that I have been an English teacher for 23 years.

Very shortly I will be going to work on the Thai/Burma(Myanmar) border for 6 months, teaching English and helping to train some native teachers over there so that the displaced Burmese people have a chance to gain an accredited Cambridge English qualification.

I have promised to write a blog about my experiences, and it seems logical to do so on here.

At the moment I feel that I am marking time until I fly to Bangkok on 27th September, although I’ve no doubt I will have a mad rush to get everything sorted out in the 2 days prior to that!

I will be linking these posts to my Facebook page, so this post is by way of a test run really.

I’s really appreciate some feedback from anyone who manages to get to this post easily!

Here goes…..



Practise Tai Chi at Home

In order to get the maximum benefits from Tai Chi and Qigong exercises I advise students to do at least a little practise at home in between classes.

I am very much aware of how difficult it is to remember the sequences of movements, especially when you are just starting your Tai Chi journey, so I will be posting links to videos and demonstrations that I feel are most useful on the link on the sidebar.

Have a go! It really doesn’t matter if you don’t follow the exact sequences, as long as you are relaxed and keeping your body moving.

I recommend beginning with the very easy 5 element Qigong movements. Let me know how you get on.