Border Adventure


WEBSITE HEADERThose of you who know me will know that I have been an English teacher for 23 years.

Very shortly I will be going to work on the Thai/Burma(Myanmar) border for 6 months, teaching English and helping to train some native teachers over there so that the displaced Burmese people have a chance to gain an accredited Cambridge English qualification.

I have promised to write a blog about my experiences, and it seems logical to do so on here.

At the moment I feel that I am marking time until I fly to Bangkok on 27th September, although I’ve no doubt I will have a mad rush to get everything sorted out in the 2 days prior to that!

I will be linking these posts to my Facebook page, so this post is by way of a test run really.

I’s really appreciate some feedback from anyone who manages to get to this post easily!

Here goes…..