Home Again!

profile pic 2Just a quick update now that I have returned from my amazing experience teaching English on the border between Thailand and Myanmar/Burma.

I will be starting new classes in Mosborough, Sheffield on Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm in The Joseph Stone Centre, from 12th June.

I have also begun a class at St Augustine’s Church on Derby Road Chesterfield on Mondays 9.30 – 10.30 am.

Use the contact form if you want any additional information, or visit Whitwell Tai Chi on Facebook and message me via that link.

Its nice to be back in many ways, including of course catching up with friends and family and cats. It is also nice to have an abundance of choice when I do the food shopping, although I was very well fed in Thailand ( too well really, but that is all under control again now!). I must admit that the absence of mosquitoes is an absolute joy, as are the crisp clear mornings. When the sun is out you cannot beat an English summer day.

I’ll be visiting friends and various seaside resorts this summer, but have already had requests to run a couple of Tai Chi Workshops so I think we’ll go with “Moving in Harmony” this time. Keep an eye on Facebook pages, and on here, for updates about those.

Keep practising!






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