Spiders and Plastic Waste

Afternoon everyone,

I know that I haven’t posted for a few days, so here I am, giving you a load of trivial details about nothing much!

This blog was never intended to be a definitive guide to teaching English in Thailand, or to teaching Tai Chi for that matter. I wanted it to be a record of some of the ordinary, day to day things I experienced on this adventure of mine, hence the rather pedestrian photo, which illustrates the fact that there is little or no awareness of plastic waste here, sadly. Plastic bags are used constantly, and some of the food is packaged to within an inch of its life.

They do seem to be more aware of the problem when you visit the National Parks (which are all free, and lovely places to relax, get some shade and a paddle in the streams) but elsewhere single use plastic is really evident. I’m using my nylon shopping bag when I go to the market, but it seems to puzzle the staff in the 7/11! I’m also using plastic bottles to fill up from my 5 gallon container and keep in the fridge, so I’m doing my bit.

Now what about the other part of my heading this week? Spiders. Luckily, I was warned about the smallish, brownish, sluggish spiders that you sometimes get here, and I was told in no uncertain terms to kill it if I came across one. Well, middle of the night, got up to go to the loo (several litres of water every day) and there it is, in the middle of the floor. It looks totally harmless, and they move quite slowly, which is just as well because my first attempt to squash it with a flip flop sent it scurrying about 30cm before it stopped dead again. Got it on the second attempt. They are very poisonous apparently and you do not want to get bitten by one!

Other news/gossip: It’s getting hotter, despite being winter here. 40 degrees yesterday according to my landlady, who has agreed to install Aircon for me on Tuesday. I cannot function in those sort of temperatures without it. I’ll pay the electricity cost of course, and no doubt it will be worth every penny.

I’ve been suffering with a really painful knee/hamstring for several days but had another Thai massage yesterday at Mae Kasa Hot Springs (I’ll get some photos of these places sorted out soon). The massage hurt like the devil, really painful at times. but…fingers crossed it seems to have done the trick! So much so that I managed a Tai Chi session this morning. Tree Greets Day 3 times. My students will know that that one is quite demanding on knees and thigh muscles!

I know that this has been a long post (about nothing very much) but stay tuned because I do my first visit to Mae La camp on Wednesday and no doubt that will be something else!

Blessings everyone,




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