Never A Dull Moment


Our wonderful office admin, or rather guardian angel and woman of many talents, took me here yesterday after helping me to move in to my new apartment. Its a wonderful place and I have basic cooking facilities now, so I’m sure I’ll be shopping for fresh stuff, assuming I can find my way back there that is.

Moving from the hotel to the apartment was somewhat fraught to be honest. The first “problem” was the lack of aircon, although I was quite convinced that the place had it. However, I looked at so many that I assume I made a mistake on that score.

The second stressor, and this was a real worry for me, was difficulty getting connected to Wifi. My phone connected without bother but the laptop was a real trial. Got around that eventually, by which time  I  was sweating profusely and feeling somewhat exhausted, so didn’t bother going out in the evening for food.

Things always happen in threes don’t they? This morning’s problem was a sudden lack of mains water! I don’t mind admitting that I was just a hair’s breadth away from searching, on my newly connected laptop, for the next flight home! The thought of having no shower, or indeed any water at all apart from drinking water in bottles, coupled with the lack of air conditioning, was close to undoing me I can tell you!

However,  I soon managed to calm down by reasoning that, just as in the UK, facilities do fail at random times, prompting a flurry of queries on social media, and all sorts of silly theories. Sure enough, it turns out that repairs were needed to the system and they’d been digging up the road.

So, here I am, using my infinite store of resources and inner strength to make this work! My latest innovation is to convert the spare room into a “drying” room, which basically means putting a towel on the bed, getting in the shower and then turning the ceiling fan on to dry me. It’s remarkably refreshing actually.

To end this article on a positive note, which is very important, I’m going to the temple and the waterfall (can’t remember the name of the place) tomorrow with work colleagues. No doubt I will take a few photos.

See you again in a few days folks.



2 thoughts on “Never A Dull Moment”

  1. I’m not surprised you felt like coming home- but I’m glad you had a resolution of sorts😊 Keep keeping strong brave woman ☀️❤️xxx


  2. You can do it Caroline- just keep doing one thing at a time and count the blessings or people that come as angels. It is cold and miserable here if that is any help. Can’t believe that you are already settled and in a place of your own so quickly!


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