First Working Day

buddha statue mae sot

Well, I have just completed my very first working day on the border. To be fair, most of the day was taken up with looking at apartments to rent. They are plentiful and cheap so I should manage to find the right place quite easily, which is a relief.

I won’t be going up to the camp until the middle of the month, as we need to sort me out a camp pass first. However, I will also be teaching in the Mae Sot MEP office building teaching Cambridge English to local teachers, and mentoring new teachers I think.

I must say I do feel as though I have been here longer that 3 days!

There are  4 lovely English ladies staying in the same hotel. They are also working in the camp at Mae La, but only for this week. We’ll all be going out for dinner each evening until they leave (they have also offered to leave me a load of resources when they finish – how serendipitous is that?)

The other trainers and staff at the MEP office are all so helpful and friendly that I’m sure my time here will be wonderful, in many different ways.

That’s all for now folks – plenty more pics on Facebook.

See you again very soon.



2 thoughts on “First Working Day”

  1. Serendipitous indeed! You were meant to be there . I’m so very happy for you, no one deserves it more than you. It’s wonderful you met some natives of Blighty! Can’t wait for pics of your new apartment.
    Much love always,
    Anna xxx


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