My “adventure” becomes ever more real as I haul out the cases and begin the process of “making lists”, which basically entails trying desperately to visualise all of the conditions in which I will be living and working for the next 6 months.

My experience of packing for a holiday in a climate that is hotter than ours has shown me how futile the process of prediction is. No matter how much your brain says “It will be very hot, and very rainy at times” we Brits seem to be incapable of avoiding the just-in-case scenarios. How many times have you returned from a fortnight’s holiday with a good half of your clothes unworn, and the one strappy top you did take washed, and viciously wrung out, to within an inch of its life?

I am doing my best to keep everything to a minimum, and to ensure that everything goes into the right case: Passport in what airlines now seem to be calling “seat luggage”, room left for laptop in cabin bag, anything remotely liquid into the big one for the hold. I can feel the familiar whirly wind of thoughts that keep you awake ahead of a trip beginning already – hence the “lists”.

I will be delivering my last Tai Chi class this evening, until I return in the Spring of course. My challenge, amongst others, is to continue with my own daily practice whilst I’m away.

Adieu for now folks, I have Youtube clips on Thai street food to watch, and a suitcase to weigh!

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Love and Light


1 thought on “Packing!”

  1. I do not doubt that there will be highs and lows but what you are about to experience will, I am sure create some amazing scenes in the tapestry of your life.
    I am full of admiration for the journey you have chose as a teacher, to use your skills in this way.
    Look forward to following you on your blog.


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