MEP (Mobile Education Partnerships)

Many people have asked me who I will be working for in Thailand, so rather than try to describe them I thought I would just add a link to their site here:


As you can see, they have close links with Harrow International School, Bangkok (Yes, it is THE Harrow Public School!) and also with “Safe Child Thailand”.

I’m looking forward to the challenge!


1 thought on “MEP (Mobile Education Partnerships)”

  1. Just to say that it is Harrow International School that provide the qualified examiners for MEP, for the Cambridge – for free, as part of the International Community work that they do ; and it is very much appreciated. Just as the work that Caroline is going to do is s-o-o important, especially now when all the focus is on the “other” border, and yet the situation on this border (ThaiBurma) is equally desperate.


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