Tai chi classes in Notts, Derbyshire and Yorkshire

Welcome to 3 Counties Tai Chi

As this is my first blog post I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I am so passionate about Tai Chi and Qigong.
I have been active all my life and have been fairly consistent in my levels of activity from a very young age. I was a keen hockey player in my youth and was also better than average on the trampoline and gymnastic equipment. I became something of a gym junkie during my thirties and forties and have always enjoyed walking and swimming.I was born with the genes for flexibility, so I always took it for granted. Touching my toes,or rather placing my palms on the floor, was easy.

When I was persuaded to attend my first Tai Chi class I must admit that I was quite resistant. It looked far too slow and gentle to me. How could these movements possibly do me any good?
Those first few classes, in my home village of Whitwell, Derbyshire did little to change my mind. I went along to keep my husband company, and because the venue was only a 5 minute walk away. Over time I reluctantly had to admit that something was definitely changing, and for the better. I was calmer in my outlook and my body was growing in strength without building unsightly muscles.

Over the next few years I became more and more interested in the philosophy of Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and all things related to Tai Chi. I studied a basic Shiatsu course, learned about energy channels and the meridians that carry chi around the body. I followed my Instructor around the county as he changed venues because I simply could not give up my Tai Chi classes!

My mission now is to bring the benefits of this wonderful discipline to as many people as I can. As an ex teacher of English in mainstream UK education I know what stress looks and feels like. I also know how dangerous it can be. Tai Chi, to me, is the best form of medicine for stress and anxiety and I now want to share it. Beginning with classes in North East Derbyshire (Whitwell, Chesterfield and Staveley) and North Nottinghamshire (Worksop) I intend to expand seek out venues and students in South Yorkshire within the year.

In these blog posts you will find my ideas and thoughts on the many benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong, links to useful articles and short videos that you can use to practice at home, and anything new that happens to come my way during the course of my studies and classes.


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